What do we do?

Car Point gives anybody who applies the best chance to get a vehicle through our Rent 2 Own program. We have tailor-made rental terms to fit your needs. Apply to know more

We specialise in approving almost all types of applications, be it Bad Credit, or Learner Licence. When it comes to your conventional Financing of a vehicle, there are many things that will get in your way when applying for a car, such as Bad Credit History, Beneficiary income, Single Parent, Learner Licence, among many other roadblocks – but not with us.

We are not a credit provider, but a rental system that has no interest rate, nor any hidden fees. We have designed a program that lets you own a vehicle at the end of your rental agreement. Apply to know more

Car Point understands that you as an individual have unique circumstances, and we will do all we can so you can drive away in a car, TODAY!

Bad Credit? Don't Worry – We Don't Judge!

No Credit Checks

We don’t do any Credit Checks to Approve you for a vehicle.

Bad Credit? Don't Worry – We Don't Judge!

Even if your Credit History is not top notch, you don’t have to worry, as we don’t judge you based on that.

Approvals In a Matter Of Hours

After a simple Online Application Submission, and a quick telephonic interview you are Approved

Beneficiary, Pension, Single Parent, Bankruptcy

We Accept all Income types, you don’t have to be in a job to get an Approval with us.

Learner Licence, Restricted Licence, Overseas Licence

We cater all Licence Types. The only requirement is to have ‘a’ driver licence.

Regular, Fixed Payments

Whatever payment you are quoted and agreed upon, will stay consistent throughout agreement.


What Our Happy Clients say about us

A massive thank you to Shad and his team for getting us a new car today.. highly recommend them and their service.. Everything is easy as they said and they proved us that their service is the best one in Auckland. hit them up if you want a new car and trust me the answer Is always YES..
Thank you SHAD and team for a fantastic job.
God bless.

Tinousi Uputaua Maea

To God to Glorify
I would love to take this opportunity to give thankz to this company which is the CAR POINT 3008 GREAT NORTH NEW LYNN For helping me to get a car very appropriate to all of use SHAD ND UR TEAM MEANS A LOT TO ME. I will share this out to everyone nd anyone that I know that needs help but in a truthful manner and ways. Thank you again Car Point for the help.
Very good company and frenly staff. Hopefully in the future use will get more pple to come in the earlier the better

tai rima

I must say shad is truely the best not because I got a car but because he’s patient all the way till I picked up car ,
I tell you guys this yah man let him know if you wanna car I recommend him highly ????
Thanks shad your the best ???? such a friendly team

Levi Opeti

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